On April 21st, 2022*(please see footnote @ bottom), i'm replacing the "previous" homepage for this emergentground.org domain (that one had been in place for only a couple months) with the current page you're reading, as i've finally crystallized (at least some?) of the ideas i've had with respect to what i'm going to try to do with my Emergent Ground, Inc entity, that's only a few months old at this point.

A three pronged approach

For the moment, i'm only going to really focus on a single leg of my milking stool, which is a gift-economy based endeavor that will be (at least for the time being) centered around my writing. The other two legs of this milking stool are: But at this moment, mid-spring of 2022, i'm going to concentrate on what i'm guessing (but am not sure!) will be my initial "foray" into generating activity (and revenue?) for, with and on behalf of this Emergent Ground corporation.

What i plan on doing is writing regularly, "here" (for some definition of this position in cyberspace, which spans at least 3 root URIs). Sometimes, what i post/add will be less "directed", and other times, i'll be engaging specifically in a way that "ties to move the ball forward" with respect to this endeavor and/or the above other two legs of my milking stool.

As i compose this, on a beautiful sunny morning, sitting alongside my mother-in-law Gillian's grave (today is the 5th anniversary of her death) with my faithful hound Teyla, i'm feeling pleasantly at peace. Which is not a state i've been in all that often.

Even this whole Emergent Ground "adventure" (such as it is), which is still now officially quite a bit less than half a year old, has been fraught with an unmeritted urgency.

Part of what i'm trying to internalize is that there is no time limit here. What i can do, when i can do it, without "rushing" is the right thing to do. Should my life be cut short and/or should i be pulled away from these efforts, so be it...

And now i think i'm going to attempt to explain the vision i have about process.

In the fall of 2009, i envisioned my own version of The Gift Economy, without any conscious realization that Charles Eisenstein had already chosen to adopt that label for his own ideas that are closely related to my own. But i didn't "make the attempt" to truly do anything about this (in terms of implementing anything), other than thinking and writing about it for a number of years. Really not until now...

It is my hope that what i'm now beginning will be appealing enough to other people that perhaps some of them/you will be willing to contribute effort and/or money to these causes. i currently have a day job that suits me, so i'm not looking to totally support myself (at least not initially) on what people contribute. Rather, i'm trying to cover the costs involved with furthering my own education so that i can be more effective with regard to what i/we are trying to accomplish.

i'm a lover of Nature. And so a large part of what i think needs fixing is our relationships (as individuals and also on a societal scale) with the natural world via our Earth Mother, Gaia. We could also do with some better ways of interrelating with other humans (each other).

With so many billions of us on the planet, it may seem like too hard a problem to solve. And who knows? That possibly might be true. What i believe though, is that we've got a better chance of changing things for the better if we try.

So this is what i'm trying to do.

My hope is that other like-minded people may join this endeavor. Perhaps together we can make a difference.

* Actually it wasn't until June 12th, 2022 that this page was posted and accessible to the public, and at that time, it was not set up as the home page of emergentground.org and never will be. You see, two days after that Sunday next to my mother-in-law's grave, my father-in-law (who i'd been waiting for, and *did* show up to visit his wife and tell her he'd be joining her soon) passed away, and so all things Emergent Ground necessarily got put "on hold" as a result for well over a month and a half. After i "came back" to this project, i found that my thinking had evolved from what is stated above. Yet it's still a good record of a number of aspects, so i think the choice to post it isn't a bad one.